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It seems like it’s years since creativity flowed from me. I had stumbled upon old YouTube videos of mine. I made mainly makeup tutorials. I long for those days. For some reason since my 2017 breakdown I felt like I lost my touch when it comes to being creative in that way. I know in truth I haven’t lost anything. That it’s all within me. So, 2021 is going to be the year that I dive back into making videos. I’m going to find a way to create makeup tutorials again. My husband is 100% supportive of my endeavor. He even bought a microphone for me to do voice-overs for the makeup tutorials. I need to get software for editing the videos at some point. Jesse will help me with that. I’m looking forward to sharing my hobby with the world. Below is a link to my latest YouTube video. It features my favorite things. Enjoy.

Remember, it’s a beautiful world. Take a closer look. Open up your heart and trust.

Processing Grief

More than a month ago my aunt passed away. I have been processing my grief with a counselor. I didn’t talk to my aunt as often as I feel like I should have. Before she passed she reassured me that it was okay that I didn’t keep in touch that often. She understood that I was busy. As an adult I have come to realize that I like my solitude. I enjoy my own company and don’t really have much to say when I am in a conversation. There are few people who can keep me talking. Off the top of my head I can only count two people that can keep me talking and that I feel 100% comfortable doing so. You can see why keeping in contact was difficult for me.

My aunt was a generous woman. She was generous with her time. She volunteered her time to the church. She loved babies. She would volunteer to take care of the babies in the nursery while service was performed. She also was a great listener. She had really good advice. I remember going to her for wisdom. She was also a very strong Christian. She would encourage me in my walk with Christ. We had a few Bible studies together. We also connected in the fact that cooking wasn’t really our thing. I felt a great sense of relief to hear that from her when I first got married. I had this notion that I should enjoy cooking and that I should be the one to cook. Once I started to realize that it takes two people to cook and that I didn’t have to enjoy it I felt a sense of freedom.

Her memorial service went well. It helped give me a sense of closure. I wore her favorite color. Yellow. I saw old friends of the family come to support us. It was nice to see so many people show up to show their respects to her and our family.

I’m allowing myself to feel all the feelings that I have surrounding her death. I am grateful that I have uncomplicated grief. I had said everything that I needed to say to her before she passed. I also was able to hear her concerns before she died. We always had a good relationship. Knowing that helps me with my grief.

I will always remember her and will honor her memory. It will be an easy date to remember when she passed. The day after Valentine’s Day. I wish you reader well when grief knocks on your door.

“Remember, it’s a beautiful world. Take a closer look. Open up your heart and trust.”

-Raven Reina


I’ve been thinking a lot about privacy. I am naturally an open book but lately I’ve been having the urge to stay more private about my life. I had shared my sexuality, spiritual beliefs and other things about myself here on this site, Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes I don’t know if it is for my benefit to share so much. I think for the time being it was brave and needed to be done. Now that I’ve shared who I am with the world I now feel a sense of completion. Maybe it’s time to turn inward and save some things to myself. Just a thought for today. I might change my mind and be more open again. I don’t know. For now, I’m enjoying the silence of my home and knowing that I can open up as much or as little as I want. I hope this entry finds you well. What are your thoughts on sharing online? Do you share everything? Do you find it hard to share? Take care.

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Reader,

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are well. This year we celebrated differently because of COVID-19. My family (Aunt,Uncle, and cousins) celebrated seperately. I went to my in-laws with my husband. We have adapted to a life that has this awful virus in our lives. I’m grateful for my health and the health of those around me. I’ve been praying for those who aren’t so lucky at the moment. Fortunately the people that I know who have COVID-19 have and are recovering. I haven’t lost a friend or a family member to to COVID-19. I pray for those who have. Just wanted to check and and see how you are doing. I pray for your safety and health.

Take care.

Remember, it’s a beautiful world. Take a closer look. Open up your heart and trust.


Raven Reina


Lately I have been thinking about being a prayer warrior. I’ve been listening to the pleas of the people around me. When you start to quiet yourself within and look around you see there is an abundance of prayer requests just waiting for attention. I know I feel special when someone prays for me or even better yet prays without me knowing then reveals it. Wow! To care for someone so much & to take time out of the day to pray for them is an honor.

What has helped you to pray for others? Has it crossed your mind? I know I pray for myself a lot and forget to pray for others. To be able to be in the flow of Love in the form of prayer is one of the highest experiences. To have prayers answered is almost like having an extra boost. Sometimes besides writing in my journal the prayer requests I like to light a little tea light for a person. To hold space for someone with that gesture is fulfilling. I pray that you are well and that you can also hold space for people in your life. Tonight I will light a candle for the world. I’ll say an unspoken prayer for everyone on this planet. In times like these I think we all could use a little bit more prayer.

Take care.

Remember, it’s a beautiful world. Take a closer look. Open up your heart and trust.


Reina “Raven Reina”

Courage & Compassion: COVID-19 & Black Lives Matter

I haven’t really sat down and wrote a long blog post and one that is more serious. Lately, I have been questioning whether or not I have lost my writing touch. There have been some posts that flow and then there are some that are ridiculous. I do want to write seriously and eloquently. So, this will be my first attempt.

I haven’t really touched on COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter subjects. It seems like with everything opening up that most people are forgetting that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. That we are not out of the woods yet. While going grocery shopping I’m still masking up. While pumping gas I still wear gloves. I’m still staying home and not going out in order to reduce my chances of catching this nasty virus. I’m leaning on faith and not fear. So, how am I leaning on faith? I’m reminding myself that I’m not alone. That there is a Divine guidance at work in my life. I constantly ask my higher self how to handle situations that arise so I may not shrink into fear and become paralyzed. I have a daily practice to keep me grounded that helps me to stay in the here and now. The easiest route is breathing. I remind myself to breath and also practice mindful breathing. I have hope. By having hope in good outcomes it motivates me to keep going.

At work we are masking up. Patients and staff are donning masks. My church is practicing this as well. They are also practicing social distancing. I have yet to go back to church but I do plan on attending again one day. I tune in digitally. My hope for you , dear reader, is that you are protected from COVID-19.

I’m saddened to hear about so many cases of our brothers and sisters in the Black community being murdered. I’m angry but I am mostly saddened by it. The case of Ahmaud Aubrey woke me up again. Soon after another wake up call when George Floyd was murdered. Recently, Breonna Taylor’s birthday came and went. She would have been 27. So many lives in the past and recently taken away. Whenever this occurs I wonder how the families of the victims are handling it. It’s hard to hear about but to be the person living through it would be worse. On Breonna’s birthday I decided to take a stand. I decided to sign a petition to demand justice. She had a beautiful future unfolding in front of her. It hurts my heart knowing she didn’t fulfill all her aspirations. Last Tuesday I did the social media Black Out Tuesday. It’s my way showing support to the Black community. I don’t march only because of of COVID-19 and also safety. I naturally like staying home and don’t like crowds. So the pandemic and the crowds would compound my anxiety. I’m showing support in whatever way I can. I hope, dear reader, that you can show support to our Black brothers and sisters during this time. We all can make a difference.

I hope this blog post touches your heart and motivates you to live your life with courage and compassion.

“Remember, it’s a beautiful world. Open up your heart. Take a closer look and trust.” -Raven Reina

Much Love and Light,

Raven Reina

Happy Saturday

Morning view from home.

I’m currently staying over at my in-laws house. I packed light. It forces me to entertain myself with my phone. Jesse is sleeping in and my mother-in-law is working from home. So there is no conversation at the moment. I’ve been having conversations with myself this morning. I’m thinking of so many possibilities when it comes to doing something today. I like mornings. They are full of promise.

I’ve noticed that I’m more of a morning person now that I work during the day. I didn’t think I’d be a morning person. I used to be a night owl. Now that I’m older I notice how my body craves routine. What is your favorite time? Day? Night? Somewhere in between?

The Beauty of Isolation & Social Distancing

So many of us have been ordered to stay home to protect each other. While it can be difficult to distance yourself since we are such social creatures the benefit in the end will show us it’s fruits. I work in healthcare and I’m going out to help the community by being a certified nurse’s assistant helping wherever I can in the hospital. The time spent at home has helped my personal growth greatly. It also has strengthened my relationship with my husband. I have more time to be a conscious pet parent to my cat. I have become more comfortable with the person I am and who I am becoming. In fact, I’m happier. Dare I say I’m joyful during a pandemic?! I may be self isolating and practicing social distancing while out but I’m actually happy. I hope while you’re living through this that you can find joy even if it’s just for a moment. My prayer is that you are protected and held.

Remember, it’s a beautiful world. Take a closer look. Open up your heart and trust.

Much Love and Light,

Raven Reina

New Year and a Fresh Start

Lunar New Year
Year of the White Metal Rat

Happy Belated New Year brothers & sisters,

Yes, yes, I know that I’m late getting this out. The Lunar New Year came and went. In fact, I’ve been wanting to write for a while now. Possibly write about fresh starts. Who doesn’t like a fresh start? I know I do. There is something about the new year that just adds more hope to the evolution of self. I adore this year’s number sequence. 2020. Just rolls out so easily. So evenly? Okay, maybe I’m not one to talk numbers because I struggle horribly in math but this number seems exciting. A portal possibly. 2020 vision. What else could we have some fun with the sets of numbers. Please math geeks speak up because your writer here needs a bit more to add to this blog. Alright, enough dilly dallying here.

For me, this year represents so much. For one, I’m coming more into myself by knowing exactly what I want and don’t want. I’m still at a loss to know which decisions are in my highest alignment with Source Energy but hey that’s what being human is. We are doing the best we can and it sometimes feel like a best guess or a coin toss. Thank God that you are in control of it all. Yep. Source Energy and God is in my book the same thing. Mention God to someone and they may run. Mention Source Energy and they turn towards you a bit more but with some wariness. I get it. My mind doubts a lot too when it comes to Creator. Yep. Did it again. God also in my book goes by Creator. So, now we have some key titles we can move onto what I’m supposed to be talking about. I just like rambling. It’s so much fun. Life is short so I try to have as much fun as possible but also be productive. So, yes, the new year is exciting and refreshing. Did I make any resolutions? Nope. I just came with the intention of evolving my sacred self. Yeah, sounds hokey but hey it’s working. Its February and I’m still riding high on the wave of possibilities. I hope you are riding the great wave of life with hope, curiosity, and passion. Also, peace. As I look out my window and up to the clouds my hope is that people have peace. So, with that I’ll close my ramblings because today this is exactly what needed to be written. At best I hope you enjoyed. We won’t go into worst. 😉 Take care.

Remember, it’s a beautiful world.

Take a closer look.

Open up your heart and trust.

Much Love,

Reina a.k.a. Raven


During many Thanksgiving seasons we see all kinds of statements regarding gratitude. Most of them are positive. I rarely see someone on Facebook saying how grateful they are for a loss. It’s been months but I’m still in the process of grieving a friendship that I think has very little hope of being rebuilt. What a funny statement to say on Facebook, “I’m grateful for someone pretending I don’t exist. They have shown me that I have many friends besides them even though they will always be in my heart.” Can you imagine the pouring out of questions. Only to deepen the pain of loss. At least that is what my imagination is saying. I try not to obsess or ruminate. I’m very good at that. However, this blog post is about gratitude. Not the loss of a friend. That was in another post. What I’m trying to say is that it’s a rare thing to witness someone being grateful for something seemingly negative. However, without the storm there can be no rainbow or insert whatever you wish to make the point. I do have to say, I’m grateful for friendships. They help me see. They help me see myself, others, and the world around me. It also helps challenge me to become who I’m meant to become. What are you grateful for? More specifically what seemingly negative thing are you grateful for? I also challenge you not to be snarky when making the statement but rather very mindful and sincere. Blessings dear readers.

Much Love,

Reina “Raven”