She wanted to scream. He was so infuriating. How could he say that about her writing? For months she has poured out her heart and soul into that story. Everything was superb except her love scenes? They weren’t believable enough. Dammit. How was she supposed to write about something she never have experienced? She was not going to admit that to him. Oh, no. She was a professional with good boundaries. Normally she wasn’t a smoker but the frustration was so great that a cigarette would release so much. Instead she dialed her saint. He was the only one with a listening ear that could thoroughly understand and accept her. With all her madness and genius. He took all of her. The angelic side as well as the dark. The phone rang several times. She started to panic and question herself. Maybe she was too codependent. Did she really need to call him at this hour? He’s probably asleep. Right before she was going to hang up his voice answered. It was raspy and far away.

“Mary, are you okay?”


She’s drinking and ranting
Upset that her boss doesn’t think she can deliver a good love scene
He listens to her intently while drinking her up. Desire creeps in with every round of alcohol.
He’s stayed silent about his lust for years.
Her buttoned up blouse, long skirts, and updo all male her look like she stepped out of the Victorian era. Her tendency toward manners made her seem even more so.
With every curse word she’s apologize. He helps her hand at first.
She didn’t pull away.
The hold then became caresses.
She’d look into his eyes more frequently only to see something she hadn’t noticed before.
It was a soft look. His eyes seemed to glisten and almost darken.
I made her heart race. She didn’t know whether to go towards or away from him.
When she had asked about her previous work just to hear his tone. To make sure that he wasn’t a threat. She notices even his voice lowered
She started to breathe fast. He instinctively started to match hers.
He pulls her toward him both of them hovering over the small bistro table.
She lets out a heavy sigh unknowingly she had been holding her breath. His face just inches from hers. He whispers a question in her ear.
Do you really think you’re a bad writer? Remember, depending on your answer you may not be able to escape me.
She stammered I don’t know. She immediately knew it was the wrong answer. Yes or no would have been more forgiving in his eyes.
He brushes his lips up and down the side of her neck and then lifts his lips to her ear again. Breathing heavy just to see her shiver
Don’t avoid the question.
All her senses heightened she feels like she could burst into in a thousand different ways.
No she says faintly.
He faces her and looks deep into her eyes like a predator ready to jump onto its prey.
Right answer. His mouth closes onto hers hungrily.