Today’s Daily Inkling’s (Normal Happenings) challenge is a randomizer excersize.


Ten sentence story using  each word in order and one per sentence.

My words:

  • Fling
  • Spring
  • Pot
  • Books
  • Count
  • Please
  • Winter
  • Ragged
  • Wake
  • Collect

 Jason called out to Cathy and said “Just fling it as he pointed to the Frisbee in her hand.  Spring had arrived and now he was able to take his mother out for fresh air and exercise.  She felt like a flower ready to bloom in a flower pot.  After many days pouring over books and lessons it was a welcome relief to be outside. She had to relearn everything including how to count.  It didn’t please her one bit to know that seven year olds were a head of her and she was seven times their age! Winter had been long and frustrating to the both of them because of the feeling of burden.  Jason was run ragged by taking care of his mother and she felt guilty for needing his help. The brain injury was one way to wake up the both of them to the reality of the fragility of life. It was as if life was saying it was here to collect.

Introduction to a book I may never write

She hadn’t showered in days. The dark white walls surrounding her seemed cold and in some respects not even there. She was just a body in a hard bed. Hospital sheets were rough and the blanket even more coarse. It was six twenty five in the morning. The sky was a periwinkle color. Sadness seemed to seep into her soul more and more. In five minutes one of the nurses would be coming in with her medication if she didn’t travel to the nurse’s station first. She wanted to be the one to initiate the action. Not them. The very little control she was allowed she wanted to use. Even though suicidal ideation is very serious she didn’t see the urgency in the staff. Not even in herself. All she received from her family were pitiful looks, disapproval and some bless their souls had compassion for her. They seemed like strangers. She seemed like a stranger. What was she doing here? Did she really do all the things she admitted to? It doesn’t make any sense. All for a boy? Was it all for him? No, it must be some sort of demon following her. She felt it ever since she hit puberty. For years she hid it. Who would understand the voices? She threw off the covers and walked to the nurse’s station.

Her eyes were blurry and she felt like she was traveling through a cloud. These meds were strong. She came up to the counter and her jaw dropped. She quickly composed herself.

“I’m ready for my morning meds.” She tried to keep her voice casual and not have it go to a high pitch almost incomprehensionable squeak. She knew she had lost. It was high and unfortunately desperate sounding.

Mark knew his first day was going to be a challenge. When he looked up he saw Raveena. His gut plummeted and disappointment fell onto his face. As much as he tried not to react he knew he had. No, not her. Not here.

I had been challenged and invited to do daily writing prompts by Daily Inklings. I’m thankful to be able to share and to express. Here is the link to the site.