New Year and a Fresh Start

Lunar New Year
Year of the White Metal Rat

Happy Belated New Year brothers & sisters,

Yes, yes, I know that I’m late getting this out. The Lunar New Year came and went. In fact, I’ve been wanting to write for a while now. Possibly write about fresh starts. Who doesn’t like a fresh start? I know I do. There is something about the new year that just adds more hope to the evolution of self. I adore this year’s number sequence. 2020. Just rolls out so easily. So evenly? Okay, maybe I’m not one to talk numbers because I struggle horribly in math but this number seems exciting. A portal possibly. 2020 vision. What else could we have some fun with the sets of numbers. Please math geeks speak up because your writer here needs a bit more to add to this blog. Alright, enough dilly dallying here.

For me, this year represents so much. For one, I’m coming more into myself by knowing exactly what I want and don’t want. I’m still at a loss to know which decisions are in my highest alignment with Source Energy but hey that’s what being human is. We are doing the best we can and it sometimes feel like a best guess or a coin toss. Thank God that you are in control of it all. Yep. Source Energy and God is in my book the same thing. Mention God to someone and they may run. Mention Source Energy and they turn towards you a bit more but with some wariness. I get it. My mind doubts a lot too when it comes to Creator. Yep. Did it again. God also in my book goes by Creator. So, now we have some key titles we can move onto what I’m supposed to be talking about. I just like rambling. It’s so much fun. Life is short so I try to have as much fun as possible but also be productive. So, yes, the new year is exciting and refreshing. Did I make any resolutions? Nope. I just came with the intention of evolving my sacred self. Yeah, sounds hokey but hey it’s working. Its February and I’m still riding high on the wave of possibilities. I hope you are riding the great wave of life with hope, curiosity, and passion. Also, peace. As I look out my window and up to the clouds my hope is that people have peace. So, with that I’ll close my ramblings because today this is exactly what needed to be written. At best I hope you enjoyed. We won’t go into worst. 😉 Take care.

Remember, it’s a beautiful world.

Take a closer look.

Open up your heart and trust.

Much Love,

Reina a.k.a. Raven

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