Leading from healing instead of hurting

Okay, this quote is a bit on the snarky side but it does hit home in many many many respects. The general consensus when talking to people and myself is that the dating scene SUCKS! Yes, it sucks. Why? The unknown. How much I fight against the unknown. Not so much as in the past but darn it. How are we supposed to know how the one you plan on seriously having a relationship with won’t hurt you? We don’t and the truth is they will. Yes, even unintentionally. We come back to our childhoods whether we like it or not. It’s almost as if the Universe is saying, “I’m going to reflect some serious shit to you. You have work to do. Get your shit together.” Did you think it was going to be gentle or easy? Nope. It can bring you to your knees. It’s exactly the point.

Without hardship there would be no reward but it doesn’t mean in ANY WAY to tolerate abuse. I repeat. You do not need to stay with an abuser or be the abuser. Basically, know your worth darn it and step it up. I say this in the most gentle and strongest tone. It’s hard to see when you’re in it. There have been times where I have abused myself and others without even realizing I was doing it. I was so wrong. Dead wrong. Fucking wrong. Yes, I’ll admit that I wasn’t the nicest person. In fact, in my self righteous and passionate but skewed view was causing havoc. Total havoc.

Now this is where the sweet song of unconditional love, grace, and forgiveness comes in. I digress. We are talking about dating.

I’ve been walking around having a deeper understanding of having compassion. Not only for others but also for myself. Once I start to see people as mirrors, brothers and sisters, and as a collective I start to ease up and see things in a more peaceful way. Big sigh. It settles everything. The blockages are released in my body and my soul starts to sing. I start to lead from a place of love and healing. Once that is activated it’s only natural to give it away to others. To treat myself well sings a song of praise to Creator that I am grateful. To treat others well means that I see Creator’s masterpiece. So, once I start to lose the attitude and start living from gratitude I see things in some many layers and in deeper levels. My intention behind this entry is to show that leading from healing and love can recover the pain and wrongs of the past. It is possible my friends. For me, it’s an ongoing process.

My only take on dating is to be true to yourself and to the one you may pursue. It start with yourself and then you can radiate that to your beloved. All my well wishes to you on the dating scene if you’re single and looking. If you are in a relationship I wish you the best as well. It’s ongoing no matter what the status.

Love and Light and Truth,

Reina “Raven”

Speed blogging today. Please be forgiving when reading this.

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