So, creativity has full on birthed in this house! I’m super excited and I can’t wait to share and keep sharing. I am hoping to have this be a place of loving connection. Where we can keep Light,Love,Hope, and Spaciousness for each other. There are so many intricate pieces that fit into this beautiful whole tapestry. The more we connect and share the more we can grow and become one in Love.

So, here is my debut video on my channel. Granted this is my personal YouTube Channel. I don’t like having too many things going on at once so it’s not titled Raven Reina in the actual address but listed under a handle named Risa Schochleton. While during the transformation I had done a complete overhaul when it came to what I wanted to incorporate in my life. I wanted to firmly and gently sweep away and lock the door on negativity and low vibrations. I wanted to usher in Lightness and Love. So, several things were born at different times and now it’s all coming together.

I hope you enjoy my first video talking about firsts.


Reina “Raven”

“We are living in a beautiful world. Just take a closer look, open up your heart and trust.”

Reina “Raven”

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